Meet The Origami Yogis

Our Story

Christie and Tira met initially in their Katonah Yoga teacher training in 2017 and have been weaving their narrative thread together ever since. Their passion for Katonah Yoga has given them the opportunity to explore themselves through yoga and work with each other through community to help one another grow as a practitioner and as a teacher.

Since their initial training they have travelled together to New York state on multiple occasions to train and study with Nevine Michaan, creator of Katonah Yoga and her fellow master teachers. 

Their passion and curiosity for yoga allows them to continuously explore the practice in themselves and each other. Their kindred spirits create a  warm, fun and safe environment, where students can come to their mats to refine, reform and transform their practice in a welcoming setting. 

They use yoga to fold the body like origami folds paper. Matching up the bodies corners and edges to ensure well measured postures that fit and have function.

Christie has been practicing yoga for years but it wasn’t until she found Katonah Yoga that her practice became truly life encompassing. She was instantly hooked and knew that she needed to help spread the powerful and pragmatic information that the practice has to offer. She loves the formality and functionality of Katonah Yoga and believes that your yoga practice should be measured so it can always measure up. Christie is a Registered Massage Therapist for 15 years now and is a certified Katonah Yoga instructor. She loves working with bodies and approaches it in a light hearted manor, the same way she tries to approach life.

Tira is a magic weaver. Through the practice of Katonah Yoga, she has learned to weave the threads of her personal narrative to better manage her life. She has been developing her yoga practice since 2012 and continues to gather new insights through the practice every day. Yoga is a practice that unveils who we really are and Tira is dedicated to helping others along their own individual journey of self discovery. Tira is a natural teacher who creates an environment that empowers, supports, and challenges students. She has over 450 hours of yoga training, is a certified Katonah Yoga instructor, and is a Registered Acupuncturist.

Together they are a dynamic duo who are excited to bring students classes that are revolutionary, evolutionary, practical and pragmatic.