Prop Shop

Home Practice Starter Kit

$130 (save $20)

2 Wood Blocks

2 Blankets

1 Click-strap

Block Kit

$60 (save $10)

2 Wood Blocks

Wood Block $35

A wood block is great to use to support postures like bridge, virasana, and fish. They provide a boundary to set a good foundation for your practice.

Blanket $30

A blanket is adaptable and can be folded to use in various postures like under the seat in seated forward folds or pigeon, or rolled up under the thighs in bound angle.

Sandbag $25

A sandbag gives weight to your practice by providing a sense of grounding either on the back or thighs. It is recommended to fill these bags with playground sand (around 10 lbs).

Click-strap $20

A click-strap is adjustable and easy to work with. Strap your legs together in bridge or virasana, or strap your torso to your thighs in forward folds to keep your hips creased.

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