Katonah Yoga®

Katonah Yoga® is a syncretic Hatha yoga practice developed by Nevine Michaan over 45 years. She and her teachers incorporate classical Hatha yoga with Taoist theory, geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination – in a practical framework designed to potentiate personal and communal well-being. Framing the practice, maps of time and personal space are defined and refined. Themes using asana as origami, manipulating form for function, and developing a sense of personal measure are incorporated in Katonah Yoga® practices.

Katonah Yoga® is organized around three principles of esoteric dialogue: all polarities are mediated by trinity; the universe has pattern, pattern belies intelligence; by virtue of repetition there is potential for insights. Disciplined techniques are organized for revelation through revolutions.


“It is potentiating to be able to adjust the length, force, and volume of one’s personal breath. It is through one’s breath that one enlivens oneself individually and within one’s surroundings. Connecting one’s breath with the breaths of the oceans, the mountains, the seasons brings the powers of great nature into the personal. Breathing well feeds the individual. Four characteristics frame a complete breath; an exhalation, an empty pause, an inhalation and a pregnant pause. The rhythms and measures of one’s personal breath can be defined and refined.”

~Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga